About Us

NorthPoint operates with extensive and diverse backgrounds in virtually all facets of domestic and international safety and security. Though we provide significant capabilities, NorthPoint always operates discretely with a low-profile. We deliver logistics, training, construction, security services, operations, and life support.  With partners across the globe, NorthPoint has extensive experience and working relationships with commercial and government clients around the world.  We currently have in-country resources including managers, supervisors, interpreters, and senior global leadership that provide us with the personnel and specialized resources, the international footprint, local familiarity, and depth of corporate experience necessary to support and achieve your objectives in all corners of the world.

Known for discretion, efficiency, professionalism and attention to detail, NorthPoint implements effective quality and cost controls.  Our operational teams, and subcontractors possess the highest ethical standards while achieving mission goals and surpassing client expectations. All personnel on our contracts abide by the government and security laws of the host countries in letter and in fortitude.

The founders and principals of NorthPoint bring career experience that spans the defense, intelligence, homeland security, public safety, emergency management and national security spectra with backgrounds in the private sector, government agencies, academia, and non-government organizations.