Our Experience

Since our inception, NorthPoint Response Group has become a distinguished partner with government, private sector and non-government organizations around the world. Our proven solutions deliver effective life safety, mission support, security, program management, logistics and training services. With our vetted and trusted partners, we provide the capability to assist our clients in safe, secure and efficient operations in challenging and dynamic environments across the globe.

NorthPoint has extensive knowledge and experience within Afghanistan and the surrounding region.  Our personnel have been involved throughout Afghanistan since commercial entities entered the country in 2001.  We have provided development services for many firms entering this market space as senior consultants and advisors.  Additionally, our service in Afghanistan has afforded us intimate awareness of the operational and organizational landscape throughout the region, including the U.S. Government and non-government organization infrastructure currently in place.

NorthPoint personnel have un-paralleled experience with counter-narcotics operations with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration across the world.  Our personnel have supported these operations as well as the U.S. Department of State’s International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Eradication and Alternative Development operations across the Andean regions.  Our personnel have extensive experience working within the “country team” and the “country team strategy.”  We have developed and built National Police operational training programs, as well as mentored foreign officials as they evolved into senior leadership positions, including Generals and Ministers of our partner nations.

The NorthPoint team has extensive experience performing under US Government approved contracts in:


International Law Enforcement

Federal Law Enforcement

Municipal Public Safety, including Fire Service, Emergency Medical Services, and Law Enforcement

Urban Law Enforcement Special Operations

Intelligence Community

DoD Special Forces

Logistics and Life Safety

ITAR Compliance

Training for all of the above