Global Safety & Security

Since our inception, NorthPoint Response Group has become a distinguished partner with government, private sector and non-government organizations around the world. Our proven solutions deliver effective life safety, mission support, security, program management, logistics and training services. With our vetted and trusted partners, we provide the capability to assist our clients in safe, secure and efficient operations in challenging and dynamic environments across the globe.

Ask questions now so that we can make sure you are prepared to deal with the realities of world safety:


  •       Will the government negotiate with terrorists?
  •      Is it illegal to pay ransom?
  •      How can the American embassy help?
  •      Who pays for the recovery of isolated persons?
  •      What happens when isolated persons return home?

The ability to plan and respond efficiently and effectively is critical to the successful resolution of isolating events. The NorthPoint REAP2R training program provides comprehensive training and analysis that is critical in today’s global environment. This training will prepare individuals going abroad and the management and staff that will support them. NorthPoint Response Group develops tailored Strategic Planning & Response packages that include:


  •      Policy Development
  •      Crisis Playbook
  •      Travel Profile
  •      Consent to Monitor
  •      Staff Augmentation
  •      Table Top Exercises